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Name:Jeanne-Marie Beaubier/Aurora
Disclaimer: This is an RP journal. JM/Aurora belongs to Marvel Comics and is used without permission for zero profit. All photographs used as Jeanne-Marie's icons and for the journal layout are of Rachel Weisz, whom I also do not own.


Jeanne-Marie Beaubier and her twin brother Jean-Paul were orphaned as babies when their parents died in an automobile accident. He and his sister were separated, with her brother getting adopted and Jeanne-Marie winding up a ward in a Catholic girl's boarding school.

Jeanne-Marie has been raised by nuns and therefor is very Catholic and very repressed, due to that repression and a traumatic experience she developed dissociative identity disorder around the same time she figured out that she was a mutant. After jumping off the roof of the school in an attempt to commit suicide Jeanne-Marie learned she could fly, something she still thinks of as a miracle.

After, however, she began to struggle more and more with random 'black-outs' and memory loss, sometimes waking in completely different clothes or locations and eventually she was able to determine her disorder and finally "met" her other personality.

Aurora is as different to Jeanne-Marie than day is to night, she is a carefree individual who has very little fear or reservations. The two personalities are aware of one another which is very rare and generally don't like each other, Aurora sees Jeanne-Marie as a 'cowardly prude' and Jeanne-Marie thinks of Aurora as a type of devil or imp.

More recently, Jean-Paul was contacted by Canada's Department H, who wanted him to join the Canadian super-team Alpha Flight. There he found his long-lost twin sister, who was the main motivation for him joining. The two are now trying to learn how to be a family.

Jeanne-Marie lives in Quebec as a librarian in a private Catholic school, where as Aurora has a small flat in New York city.

(For a full list, see The Marvel database Entry.)

Basically, Aurora is very, very fast. She can use super-speed on isolated body parts, which is useful for smacking people repeatedly before they can blink. She has heightened reflexes and an accelerated metabolism, as well as enhanced durability and G-Force compensation. Aurora can also fly at great speeds. (She is, in fact, faster than her brother, although he has more stamina.) When in physical contact with her twin the two can generate extremely bright light.

Note: This journal contains mature subject matter, both mun and muse are over 18.
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